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Implementing a MetaWeblog API for ASP.NET Core

Step 1After Creating a ASP.NET CORE Web Application ProjectRight Click –> Dependencies –> add NugetSearch for “Tamils1809.MetaWeblog” in NugetTo install, use the Nuget "Tamils1809.MetaWeblog": PM> Install-Package Tamils1809.MetaWeblog This project is an ASP.NET Core 2.0 Middleware component to support the MetaWeblog APIthat WordPress and Windows LiveWriter uses to support adding and editing of contentin blogs.Step 2To… Read More

Configure VSTS Build for UWP Apps

UWP Apps usually require a lot of time to compile a "release" package for submitting to Windows Store, and if you are working in a team, TFS/VSTS can help your team ensure that each check-in has a success build, and make it easier for deployment and testing. Let's see a basic example of how to… Read More

Keyboard shortcuts response in UWP Apps

A good Windows application is not only for the mouse, touch screen users, but also for keyboard operations, especially some common shortcuts, such as undo (CTRL + Z), to provide a comprehensive user experience.So how do you define keyboard shortcuts in UWP, in my "tracing" app, I need to implement Undo shortcuts (CTRL + Z).… Read More

Welcome to my personal blog where I post about stuff I do

.Net, Web, Windows, Xamarin, Azure, IoTNice that you’re here. This is my personal blog and I post about things I do and I am interested in. Not regularly. If you have any questions I am happy you get in touch with me. Please see the get in touch pageWork:After having had a very cool time… Read More

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